What can it grow?

The CropBox can be configured to grow up to 150 different varieties of herbs, greens, microgreens, fodder and even strawberries! Seasonal growing is a thing of the past with the CropBox, even at -50 in Northern Canada this product is designed to stay toasty warm and produce the freshest, organic produce. The simple design means that the CropBox can be configured to meet your specific needs. Some may use the product

Where can it be placed?

Due to its vertical construction, the CropBox can be stacked up to 5 units high. Anywhere a shipping container can go, a CropBox can be placed. With the only requirements being a power and water source the CropBox is the perfect option for mining, exploration, remote communities and can even be placed in a rural downtown location with its built-in security and design.

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How does the CropBox work?


The organic seeds are planted into dirt-free compostable squares, these are then placed under specialized grow lights to get the seedlings started. Depending on the germination time for the specific plant they could be in this process from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.


Once the seedlings have started to sprout they are moved from the nurturing station to their own space within the CropBox where they will grow until harvest. Depending on the plant this takes 1 – 4 weeks.


Just like that, 1 – 4 weeks later and you have edible spinach, lettuce, kale, strawberries, arugula, you name it. Harvesting is as simple as pulling the plant out and cutting off the bottom decompostable square. Without any dirt, this process is clean and quick. You are now ready to enjoy your produce, and use that space again.

The Complete Solution

The CropBox uses about 4 homes worth of power. There’s a lot going on to grow those greens. That’s why solvest has energy solutions to match your energy needs.

If you have access to the grid, and affordable electricity, you can tie your CropBox right in and start growing. However, if you’re in a more remote setting, Solvest has designed the PowerBox to take you completely off-grid with your CropBox solution.

The PowerBox is a shipping container just like the CropBox, mobile and secure. This one is filled with batteries instead of produce though! Our PowerBox solution ties into a solar array and has a battery and generator backup for year-round power production.

What Is CropBox?

Interested in our Subscription Box service in Whitehorse? Click here to learn more! http://www.cropboxcanada.ca

The CropBox is a containerized agriculture solution. This system uses hydroponic technology to grow up to 18,000 lbs. of fresh produce. With automated lights, PH levels, heating and CO2 the CropBox can reduce growing times and provide year-round produce in any climate.

Our system is all about efficiency, using 90% less water and 80% less fertilizer than conventional agriculture methods and produces some of the best, organic produce out there.

These systems are designed with harsh conditions in mind, and can come with R60 insulation and an Arctic Entrance to provide more space to harvest and package produce.

Whether you are a local community gardener, a large mining company in Northern Canada or a savvy Entrepreneur looking at providing food security to your location. Look no further, the CropBox is here.

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