General Information

Solar is a very reliable and stable energy solution that requires minimal system maintenance. Solar does not have to be limited to a residential client, Solvest can design, procure and construct large scale PV systems that would offset entire communities or large companies energy requirements.

To date, Solvest has installed two utility-scale projects, one in Manitoba and the newest in Old Crow, Yukon.

The Old Crow solar project is expected to offset annual diesel consumption by up to 30% for the community. When you think of the total fuel that is flown into the fly-in community, that amount really adds up.

Why partner with Solvest solar?

  • Solar’s scalable design means that as your needs grow, so can your system
  • Hassle-free warrantied systems, that have been proven for decades
  • Solar is more efficient at lower temperatures, meaning it is perfect for northern Canada
  • Our vendor relationships allow us access to top of the line equipment and expertise
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