• No matter your home, we have a solar solution

    Why depend on a utility to produce power for your home, when you can do it using the space you already own? With our complete end-to-end solar solutions, we do everything from free assessments to final installation and connection. Our residential customers see the benefit right away, have peace of mind against rising electricity costs, and become part of the solution to a greener tomorrow.

    Solar is simple, hassle-free and safe. With no moving parts the systems we design, and implement, are backed by 25-year product warranties and can last much longer. The cost of solar panels have come down in recent years as the technology has advanced, making it affordable and a realistic investment for many homeowners.

    Residential Solutions
  • A Northern based company, that knows Northern business

    The North has some of the harshest conditions in Canada. That’s why we employ northerners who know the climate and know how business is done. Our operations have spread from Whitehorse, Yukon to work in other remote locations across other Provinces and Territories.

    Solar can reduce your costly electrical bill, protect you from rising electricity costs, and turn a variable cost into something more fixed for your organization. Solvest can provide battery storage solutions that can protect your company from power outages. This reduces your company’s downtime and protects valuable equipment from damage caused by power fluctuations.

    Commercial Solutions
  • You use a lot of power, now you can produce it

    Mining operations are remote, far-between and use a lot of power. Solar is the solution for any mining operation that wants to reduce its fossil fuel consumption and not have to rely so heavily on generators.

    With Solvest’s complete mining solution we can design a solar array that will produce the power for your operation and have battery storage solutions to reduce your reliance on generators. Our PowerBox is a perfect example of a technology that can reduce your diesel consumption, with the use of battries and solar you can cut your reliance on fossil fuels. Solar is a green solution that not only does good for the environment but provides your company a reliable source of power.

    Mining Solutions
  • A clean, renewable energy source for today and tomorrow

    Solvest has been able to partner with many First Nations governments to build solar arrays on their facilities. Our partnerships are rooted in providing training to the community members, empowering them to be part of the process and work together for a greener tomorrow.

    Solar is a hassle-free energy solution. With no moving parts and backed by 25-year product warranties the systems will last decades and can operate long past their warranty dates.

    First Nations Solutions
  • Large scale solar project? No problem

    Our roots are residential, but the great thing about roots? They’re just that. Solvest have branched out into utility scale projects with two being completed as you read this. A large-scale Manitoba project and one in the Yukon Territory.

    Solar is such a scalable technology that what can start out as a 100kW project can easily grow over time to more than a Megawatt. Whether you are looking to power your community, reduce your reliance on fossil fuels or distribute your energy produce back into the grid, Solvest’s team will design, construct and monitor your large-scale project.

    Utilities Solutions

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Solvest Northern Solar Solutions

Solvest Inc. is a northern Canadian based solar company that specializes in remote energy generation. We work with a wide range of clients, designing custom solar solutions that are tailored to accommodate each client’s needs. With over 225 residential and commercial solar installations across the North, Solvest’s extensive experience ensures you will have a properly configured and fully functional system.

Solvest’s product offering has grown over the past 6 years, from what once was a company focused solely on residential solar installations, we now provide systems to all industries and individuals. Our operations have grown to include energy storage solutions, research, consultations, and even northern food security with our CropBox product.

“We were extremely pleased with the professional service we received from Solvest, from our initial enquiries, throughout the installation and in the follow up period.  Steven and Michael walked us through the process and answered all our questions patiently. We are excited to be producing our own electricity, and operating as an independent power producer to return surplus electricity to the Yukon power grid. Despite what Kermit sang, with Solvest, it IS easy being green!”

Arthur Mitchell

“Last year I had Solvest install solar panels on my roof, I found this company great to work with, they answered all my questions, took care of all the paperwork, arrived on time and left the site how they found it.  I would highly recommend them.”

Deborah Walsh
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